Thursday, 8 September 2011

Does my bum look big in this?

The big news for the new WoW patch 4.3 appears to be the issue of Transmogrification.  Actually there were many other interesting things listed in the patch notes including a severe overhaul of the Darkmoon Faire, but all anyone seems to be focussing on is "mogging" (dear god, I seriously hate that shortened term *shudders*).

Most people would expect me to be hugely excited about this new feature.  I am after all the sort of person that spends hours in the Auction House looking for green quality sets of matching armour to level my character in as I detest the whole clown suit effect that you inevitably end up with whilst levelling.  Most of my characters have carefully matched outfits to wear whenever they aren't forced by necessity to don horrid mis-matched armour.  My Gnome auctioneer as you may recall from the picture on my millionaire post happily dresses to match her sunflower pet.

So, why am I not singing its praises?

For the time-being at least, there are many restrictions on what will constitute a valid piece of equipment to emulate.  No gimmicky items are currently useable (there goes my dream of wielding a frying pan), items must be green quality or higher and have stats on them.  Until the actual feature is applied to the live servers, we cannot be certain of the validity of any of the items we may wish for.  Then of course, there are definite favourites.  Already the majority of the priest community are rushing of to make sure they have a full set of the tier 6 armour yet once again we will see endless armies of identical looking priests.  Much as in real life, I cannot stand looking the same as everyone else I meet.

What will the Dwarf Wench be wearing?

Summertime and the raiding is easy

In an ideal world, Swanhild would be able to look like this (apologies for the head piece suddenly deciding to be transparent, perhaps I didn't earn my halo this week):

The colouring looks good on her, the decoration on the armour pieces is not too ostentatious and she doesn't give the impression that she requires a handy plug socket to power her armour.

The trouble is, several of these items are from the Midsummer Festival set which is white quality and has no stats - unlikely to be allowable.

For those that wish to know these things, the outfit shown on the right is made up of the following:

Head: Crown of the Fire Festival, Shoulder: Mantle of the Fire Festival, Shirt: Brawler's Harness, Chest: Vestment of Summer, Feet: Sandals of Summer and Hands: Handwraps of the Cleansing Flame.  I have not included pants or bracers as they will not be seen under the gloves and robes.

If I'm forced to make a decision on old Tier sets, I think my favourites when viewed on a female dwarf would have to be either the old and no longer available Tier 3 set or the Tier 5 Avatar set, both shown below.

Tier 3 Vestments of Faith

Tier 5 Avatar Raiment with Staff of Immaculate Recovery

I'm still hoping to find a non-tier cloth set that I actually like on a female dwarf.  Most cloth sets seem to either be too skimpy or just too boring.  Swanhild is a fairly modest dwarf and has no wish to have half her body on display (I swear the black mageweave and bunny ears is just a phase that she goes through each year to help the achievement hunters find her - honest!)


  1. I like that Tier 5 outfit with the Staff of Immaculate Recovery! I wnat that for my Priest!!!

  2. The only problem with the Tier 5 is that the pretty hood hides the character's hair. I have to admit that one of the things that made me fall in love with playing dwarves in the first place was the twirling plaits of doom whenever I cast a spell. Of course...I could always hide the hood...