Sunday, 12 October 2014

Alt Appreciation: Weeks 5 & 6, Monk & Paladin

I'm back!
I seem to still be in one piece with another scar to add to the collection (much larger than planned, almost covering the entire of my lower leg). Still waiting to hear if I'm now cancer-free, but I've recovered enough to be back at the computer. I'm getting tired a lot more often than normal so I'm still ending up needing a lot of rest, but hopefully, I'll be back to my usual self by expansion time.

As I missed two weeks of alt appreciation, I'm adding them together in the one post as I managed very little other than tidying up their UIs.

Cinnamai & Erik the rat

The monk I levelled to 90 is a lovely Pandaren named Cinnamai. I created her to heal with (yes, no surprise there) but I never managed to really get into the feel of the class so she has ended up mostly unused as one of my crafting army. In fact, she has probably been one of the biggest contributors to my gold fund in the past months as her enchanting scrolls sell very well.

Her transmog is a collection of green quality quest rewards from relatively low-level quests (below 60) as I wanted her to look as plain as possible.

Quenhild & Erik the cooking bot

I do actually have another quite high-level Monk on my main server which may seem odd as I never quite managed to find them comfortable to play. I just couldn't decide if I wanted to have a Pandaren or Dwarf Monk so I levelled them both to 80 before deciding on the Pandaren purely because the professions I'd picked up on her were more useful to me at the time. My Dwarven Monk, Quenhild, I think I actually prefer now though and I wish I'd chosen the other way around. She's still there though in case I fancy levelling her up instead!


Alasen and...Erik!

My Paladin has a strange place in my heart. I find her tedious to level so every expansion she seems to be the last healer to level up. Then by the time I have her at max level I run out of time to actually do anything useful with her in a group. Maybe Warlords of Draenor will be the expansion this behaviour changes?

Alasen is one of my very few Draenei characters. I quite like the transmog set I planned out for her too. Its rare for me to have skimpy outfits on my characters, but this is a set that very few people seem to use as it's not as revealing as some of the plate bikinis. The colour also matches very nicely with Erik the Li'l Tarecgosa and it's nice to show that pet off occasionally.

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