Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Cloth sets for vertically challenged females

There are many blogs and websites dedicated to displaying the lovely artwork of the rarely worn uncommon quality outfit sets. As you may remember from a previous post, I have been struggling to find an outfit that suited my Dwarf Priest, so I have been looking through many sites to find ideas.  After hours of searching I finally realised the problem.  Most sites dealing with outfit design for World of Warcraft like to display their assembled outfits on Humans or races that share a similar build (Draenei, Trolls, Elves etc.).  There are very few sites that try to show the outfits on smaller races such as Dwarves, Gnomes and Goblins.  There’s a very good reason for this.  When the outfit skins are applied to these races, they are very often greatly distorted.  These races (especially the Dwarves) tend to have a larger bust, which distorts graphics across the chest, and because of the difference in height often the outfit looks entirely different.

To pay homage to these sadly overlooked women, I have decided to use them as my models for the screenshots that will follow.  If you play a shorter character, this will give you a much more realistic idea of the appearance of the outfits rather than spending hours like I did looking at pictures of Blood Elves in skimpy bikinis that seriously need to be given some cake.  Please note, in some sets I have included the matching common quality items for completeness.  Be aware that currently there are no plans for common quality items to be useable for transmogrification.

Some of these sets have a robe option as well as a vest option.  The screenshots will show the vest option so that the pants can also be seen, but the links for each set do include the link for the robe also in case you wish to take a look at it.  Wowhead links have an option to view the item in 3d at the top right corner. Annoyingly, some of the armour graphics were changed for Catacysm so sometimes a “set” will have an item or two that doesn’t match the rest.  I am still including them for reference though.  Clicking on the pictures will take you to a larger version for a closer look.

From left to right: Beaded, Foreman, Journeyman, Ancestral, Disciple and Simple.
Beaded, Foreman, Journeyman, Ancestral, Disciple (there are common quality versions of the 4 Imbued items which share the same model that are named the same minus the "Imbued") and Simple.

From left to Right: Native, Spellbinder, Barbaric, Willow, Aboriginal and Seer.

From left to right: Buccaneer, Mystic, Ritual, Shimmering, Pagan and Bright.

From left to right: Greenweave, Sanguine, Ivycloth, Watcher, Raincaller and Silver-Thread.

From left to right: Sage, Resilient, Durable, Elder, Thistlefur and Nightsky.

From left to right: Vital, Conjurer, Stonecloth, Twilight, Aurora and Geomancer.

From left to right: Embersilk, Sorcerer, Silksand, Regal, Darkmist and Mistscape (2 versions).

Embersilk, Sorcerer, Silksand, RegalDarkmist and Mistscape.  I included two versions of the Mistscape outfit as the robe is a particularly nice one and totally changes the look if exchanged with the armor.

From left to right: Lunar, Royal, Windchaser, Gossamer (x2), Bloodwoven (x2) and Hibernal.

Lunar, Royal, Windchaser (I hate when they update the shoulders and helm so that they don't match anything else!), Gossamer, Bloodwoven and Hibernal.  Again, I chose to show two versions of the Gossamer and Bloodwoven sets as the helm and shoulders only match the robes.

From left to right: Gaea, Abjurer (x2), Venomshroud, Duskwoven (x2), Imperial Red (x2) and Opulent.

Gaea, Abjurer (identical to Mistscape except for hood), Venomshroud (identical to Hibernal except for Hood), Duskwoven, Imperial Red and Opulent. Alternate version of Abjurer, Imperial Red and Duskwoven added.

From left to right: Arachnidian (x2), Mystical (x2), Councillor (x2), Highborne and Bonecaster.

Arachnidian, Mystical, Councillor, Highborne and Bonecaster.  Alternate version of Arachnidian, Mystical and Councillor added.
This concludes the fashion parade for Azeroth.  If you are interested, I may move on to document Outlands outfits!

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