Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Alt Appreciation: Week 1, Death Knight

Riding the Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher
Death Knight was always going to be a difficult class for me. I struggle quite a bit with melee classes anyway as it always feels that my view is restricted when playing something up close and personal to the opponent. I've had this problem when playing tanks and melee classes since the game was first released so I never really expect it will suddenly vanish and that I will love them.

Posing with her Unborn Val'kyr, Ellinde

Let me introduce you to Brynwen, my Dwarven maiden Death Knight. When I first created this character, I adored the way she looked. Actually, I still do. She's my little goth dwarf! She sometimes is accompanied by her pet Frosty but usually, she has the Val'kyr which is one of the few pets in my menagerie not named Erik. This one is named for a dear friend of mine that tends to favour playing Holy Priests.

I've looked into many transmogrification sets for her and found many that I like, yet never one that actually seems better than some of the original starting armour the Death Knight is supplied with, so I tend to keep that instead. As you may have realised before now, I'm not really a fan of big flashing armour sets. Very few tier sets appeal to me and I find myself often choosing sets made of crafted items, random green items or quest rewards.

At the start of this week, my little goth maiden was level 82...I hadn't neglected her totally. I started out working on the Deepholm quests as she's a miner/Blacksmith and I thought a bit of extra ore couldn't go amiss. She's actually my only Blacksmith, so I really will need to get her levelled up to 90 as soon as possible or she will not be able to gain any of the new recipes in the expansion, which means I'd be cutting off all income from Blacksmithing. I moved on to Twilight Highlands after Deepholm as I love the Dwarf quests there and rarely get to do them. It was a lot of fun really. I managed to get her to level 85 and have moved her off to Pandaria ready for the next time I play her. 

The actual gameplay of the Death Knight I really don't like much though. I feel that the runic power and runestones system doesn't really add more challenge to the character, just more annoyance. I find it cumbersome to work with and that it offers little enjoyment for me in return. Still, she's cute and makes me smile and I can't bring myself to delete her!

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