Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Curves in all the right places!

No, no, not me! My Dwarf!

After weeks of searching for inspiration on an outfit for my little Discipline Priest, I finally found the outfit I want.  You may remember from previous posts that my aim was to find an outfit that looked like it was a complete set but that wasn't something that every priest I met would also be wearing.  It also had to look good on a female dwarf figure (not as easy as it sounds).

The outfit that I have put together for Swanhild allows her to have an item visible in the head slot without hiding her fantastic swirling braids when she casts (one of the best reasons ever for playing a female dwarf!).  The chest armour doesn't look stretched or oddly shaped, but instead compliments the large cleavage.  The entire look seems, for lack of a better term, dwarvish.  But don't take my word for it, have a look...

I love that while the outfit contains only cloth pieces, many of the individual parts look to be made from leather or metal.  The whole breastplate section had me thinking of Wagnerian valkyries at first glance!

The outfit is comprised of:

Head - Silk Headband, Shoulders - Frostwoven Shoulders, Chest - Moonshroud Robe, Waist - Plush Sash of Guzbah (this has exactly the same graphics as the robe beneath it so it is effectively invisible), Legs - anything you like as they are not visible, Boots - Savior's Slippers, Bracers - anything small so that it is hidden by the gloves, and Gloves - Moonshroud Gloves.

You'll notice that the outfit has an extra benefit of being mostly craftable by a tailor (all except the belt) and while that wasn't something I'd focussed on, I don't usually have the spare energy to run old raids very often.

So...what will YOU be wearing?

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