Friday, 11 October 2013

Comfort Shopping

As you may have gathered, the past two weeks have been a computer nightmare. I have managed to get my body used to doing certain things within World of Warcraft on a daily basis that keep me entertained without tiring me out as much. I also enjoy being able to talk to people through the chat system as I don't usually get to see people other than my husband.

I was reminded of just how tiring things are when my hard drive died on me. Without access to the computer, my options for entertainment were even more limited. An hour or so of TV was usually enough to leave me needing to rest and reading was a struggle. Now that my replacement hard drive is finally installed, I decided to treat myself to a new pet (of course) to make up for the stress and exhaustion of the past couple of weeks.

190k later, I had my own shiny new ethereal Erik the soul-trader. The profit margins for the past few weeks are going to be terribly messed up with me having to lose so many days online, but I can still enjoy him towering over my little Dwarf.

Also, having missed last week's Celestial Pet Tournament in my time away, a win this week gave me my third Celestial Coin and therefore a new pet! I chose Xufu this time.
Full of celestial goodness!

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