Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Alt Appreciation: Week 2, Druid

Its been a tougher week than I anticipated with very little time online, so I managed to devote very little time to my Druid after all.

Let me introduce you to my Worgen Druid, Seara. I always enjoyed playing Restoration and Balance Druids. Most expansions have seen the Druid as my 'go to' alt when I branch away from my main character for an evening. I seemed to lose interest in playing Druid a lot when the mushroom spells were added though as for some reason that I just can't put my finger on, it reduced the level of fun for me.

This being said, my Druid was still one of the first characters I took to 90 this expansion. I find it hard not to smile when I see a Moonkin. There's something about them that is both scary and amusing at the same time.

My Druid did originally start out as a Night Elf but changed races as soon as Worgen were brought into the game as I just don't like playing Night Elves. I have a few Tauren Druids on various servers too but this is the one I think of when I think of Druids.

She is pictured here in her usual transmogrification set which is made up of low-level green items. I know it won't surprise you to see a plain outfit on one of my characters! I do love the hat with this one. It suits the Worgen model very well. Pictured with her is her usual choice of pet, Erik the Moonkin Hatchling. He's just so much fun to dance with. If you've never tried it before, next time you spot that pet, target it and dance with it!

My online time with my Druid this week has been mostly spent on making her UI neater and doing a bit of crafting as time has been so limited. I feel a little bad for neglecting her this week but she usually gets more time than my other alts and as always, my health should come first.

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