Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Alt Appreciation: Week 4, Mage

I have realised this week, that a lot of the alt characters I pushed to higher levels are actually Pandaren this time around and not as many Dwarf wenches. I must rectify this! The choice hasn't been because I favour the Pandaren models (although playing with the much better range of hairstyles may have side-tracked me) but more to do with the profession combinations I had on a given class at the time. If I look across my entire account I have many characters, certainly several of most classes and many are Horde as well as Alliance. I am however favouring the characters from the same server and faction as my main character for this, and it does seem to be more Pandas than I had realised.

This is Brennah, and as you can probably tell, a Frost Mage. I do much prefer playing Fire Mages but with not much time and lower levels of gear, Fire Mages struggle a lot as their current design leaves them very dependant on getting lucky with numbers. However, switching to playing Frost spec, did give me the challenge of a new Transmogrification set. I really do like my characters to be dressed in plainer outfits rather than the flashing shining tier pieces that many players favour, so I am so glad that its possible to alter the appearance now. Brennah was named for a very wonderful friend of mine that never played WoW. It just made me feel a little closer to her to have a character named after her in my game. She does have a bit of a love of anime though, so I think the choice of Pandaren race, in this case, was apt.

She is pictured above with Erik the Pandaren Water Spirit, one of several water-themed pets that occasionally accompany her, and of course, her Water Elemental (which we know would be called Erik if they let us name it).

She usually uses the Silver Covenant Hippogryph as her mount of choice, although occasionally the Swift Windsteed sneaks in just for a change.

I do find it annoying that when I choose to play my Mage I am constantly interrupted with whispers from people begging for portals. It feels very invasive and always interrupts whatever I am doing, whether I choose to help or not. I think this may be why I don't play my Mage as often anymore. Brennah is also my tailor and one of my enchanters, which comes in very useful for helping out my cloth-wearing main character. She was already level 90 at the start of this week, so I have spent most of the small amount of time I had working on her transmog set and setting up her UI to be ready to use for levelling in the expansion.

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