Thursday, 30 April 2009


Pull up a chair, grab a drink, help yourself to the cookies and stay for a while.

I'm a little new to the whole blogging concept, so bear with me. I'm pretty much housebound due to my health and have been for a couple of years now. Other than my partner who patiently looks after me when he isn't at work, my only real social contact is with medical professionals, using Facebook and by playing World of Warcraft. It can get a little lonely and depressing.

There are many people that want to visit and see how I am doing and indeed many people I really would like to see. The brutal reality of it however, is that the sensory input from having another person to interact with, especially one I haven't seen for a while is just too much for me. The conversation would tire me out within minutes and set my recovery progress back as well as seeming a wasted journey for the visitors.

So here I am, desperately hoping to avoid the atrophy of my vocabulary, and looking for another way to have conversations without overloading myself!

My alter ego in World of Warcraft is primarily a female Dwarf Priest, currently often seen patching guild members back together. I seem to be doing fairly well in my new role, although it has been somewhat of a struggle to keep the concentration going through raid sessions...even if my guild's three hour raid sessions are somewhat short by most people's standards!

So this is brief.

I'm sure you'll get to know me over time, if you plan on hanging around.

There are more cookies...

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