Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Yesterday I had to attend an interview that the local Job Centre believed would be helpful to me and therefore made mandatory. It was for people with different disabilities and was to enable them to chat through options that would hopefully lead to them becoming employed again.

Bearing this in mind, one would think that the location that they would choose for this interview would not be over 8 miles away, more than one mile from the nearest train station, and in the very back of a large open plan office on the first floor. That being said, at least the interviewer had a passing knowledge of my condition and the sort of limitations that come with it. Now if only he could teach the benefits office...

Returning home from what to most people would probably have been an inconvenience (but to me was a mammoth expedition akin to travelling from London to Edinburgh by car to participate in a marathon), I realised that despite my tiredness, I could still move. This is a dangerous realisation for me, as it makes me want to do things, yet I know that my body has already spent more energy than it should have and that any further activity will mean that the following day will find me without the ability to move at all. Being sensible, and after much urging from Mr Wench (who knows my symptoms even better than I do and can be objective when I can't), I agreed to miss out on the evening's raid, despite it being the night we expected to get Yogg-Saron down for the first time.

This morning, I know it was the right choice.

I ache, my muscles feel like someone else is operating them, and my brain seems to be clouded in a fog that feels like I am trying to use someone else's head. Imagine how I'd be today if I'd allowed myself to play World of Warcraft!

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