Thursday, 27 October 2011

My friends are still awesome!

Its been a little while since my last post here as I've had a few minor health issues that as usual were blown all out of proportion by my M.E. ridden body.  I seem to be semi-stable again so its time to update!
The reward for watching Blizzcon legally ;)

The lovely social raiding guild that I am part of finally managed to defeat their first Firelands heroic boss, which is a big deal for us.  Hopefully more of that to come!  Blizzcon arrived and the usual swarm of complaining, threatening and childish posts are filling the Blizzard forums.  I swear that Blizzard could announce that they were giving each player 1,000g for free and there would be forums full of "But I don't need gold, I should be able to have something that is useful to me instead", "Well done Blizzard, that's now screwing over the WoW economy", "I have 10 characters on my account and my friend only has 1, so I should get 10 times the amount of gold he did"...there might even be one saying thank you.

Never mind all the other really impressive things that they have announced to come in with the expansion, everyone seems purely focussed on the one detail of the new race to be added.  Personally I can't stand Night Elves or Trolls, but I just don't play them.  The rest of the game more than makes up for having to put up with characters that have ears longer than their thighs and facial hair that can miraculously poke through even plate helms.  There has never really been anything serious about World of Warcraft. It has always been a light-hearted game with cartoon style graphics and endless pop culture references.  Its a it because you enjoy it or play something else.

*Steps back down off the soap box*

The Curious Crate
You may remember that recently I made a post about a guildmate who had donated pets to the Erik Menagerie.  In the space of the past month I have had more help from my friends with the collection.  Our resident elemental Shaman surprised me with not only a code for the cute little Nightsaber Cub pet, but also a code for the Purple Pufferfish which will be arriving with the 4.3 patch.  I am particularly excited about this one as I'd seen a picture of it over at Breanni's Warcraftpets site and instantly fallen in love with it.

Nightsaber Cub

Along with the latest Blizzcon pet and the newly added Hallowe'en pets, my little menagerie has grown quite quickly in the past few weeks.  And finally, as I logged into the game yesterday, another guildmate and a previous member both hurriedly added me to a group, summoned me into Deepholm and pointed me at Jadefang the spider which had just spawned.  I've spent endless days camping for this pet (much to the despair of the hunters on my realm) and finally thanks to these two friends, I now have my tiny shale spider.

Tiny Shale Spider

Ixzo, Oakenar and Enkotya, you are all wonderful! *feels the love*  The grand total is now 170 pets and that's not counting the puffer as it isn't in game yet!

The Feline Familiar

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