Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Choose Your Poison

There are many ways to make gold in World of Warcraft. You don't have to choose one and ignore the rest, you can dabble in as many markets and types of income as you like. My health restricts gameplay that requires me to concentrate to a couple of hours each day, which is usually reserved for raiding. This means that the methods I choose to use to make gold are ones that require no endless killing of monsters or running of instances. My income is primarily through making purchases on the auction house and then selling those items on the auction house either in the same form or crafted into new ones. To help me in this, I have every crafting profession at maximum level although the introduction of so many time-consuming factions in this expansion containing crafting recipes does mean that some of the newer recipes are not available to me.

My stable income is usually from the things that people need to continually buy each time they get new useable loot: enchants of all types (including inscription and tailoring) and gems. I also like to keep a good stock of PvP armour and Glyphs on the AH, as while these are one-off purchases they are quite popular.

It did occur to me just after I'd made the previous post that my gold funds would be dropping a lot before they go up as the new patch isn't very far away. The reason for this is that with a new patch some items often have a greater demand and go up in price, as well as with a new tier of PvP and PvE gear players tend to find themselves purchasing more enchants than usual. With this in mind, I tend to stockpile items that I use regularly that I am expecting to go up in price so that I am not forced to suddenly pay a lot more than I usually do to acquire them. This enables me to have a larger profit margin when the patch hits. The investment will hopefully pay off in a few weeks when the patch arrives, but as with all things, it is a bit of a gamble albeit a low risk one.


Show Me The Money!


It surprised me to find that while stockpiling so much this week I still managed to make a small profit with my regular sales. I guess that mostly suggests I haven't been stockpiling enough!

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