Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Stockpiling Frenzy!

I will admit that this week I have gone perhaps a little over the top in my stockpiling efforts. My aim here was to store a large quantity of the crafting materials that I use regularly while they were a reasonable price so that if my speculation is correct and the prices on these items rise when the 5.4 patch is released on 10/11th September I would still be able to craft as much as I wanted at the current prices I use. It would also mean that with a large stockpile I would not be hindered by any lack of supply on the auction house due to increased demand.

This is a minimum risk strategy really. If my speculation is wrong or the prices drop instead of rising I won't really lose out. I already know I will use all these materials in crafting and as a new tier will be available the demand for enchants, gems etc will be high.

Pretty rainbows!

I have several bank tabs full of Ghost Iron Ore ready for smelting/prospecting as needed as well as a large amount of Trillium bars and Magnificent Hides ready for crafting cooldowns so that I don't get stuck with a day or two where I can't use CDs to learn new recipes and gain the new crafting materials. With the new Engineering mount requiring 30 each of Living Steel and the new engineering craftable (Jard's Peculiar Energy Source) both being on a daily cooldown, it could be a long time until these reach the auction house. I've also stocked up on Golden Lotus to make sure that I can keep myself stocked with raid flasks for personal use (or sale if the price goes up on my server to make them a viable selling option) as well as to be able to transmute gems if my stocks start to run low.

Show Me The Money!


That's dropped from last week by about 63k but I'm not worried as I expect to make that back with interest once the patch arrives!


  1. Thats an impressive stockpile there Swanny. Mine is no where near that impressive. Slowly trying to get back into the swing of things with the AH now I have TSM set up (thanks once again for your expert help - you saved my stress levels) and I plan on resuming my blog again too to track my progress.

  2. I'll remember to check in and see how you are doing then :)