Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Autumn is here!

Autumn leaves are falling

Yes, World of Warcraft now officially is in autumn (at least as far as pets are concerned). My lovely little Blossoming Ancient has shed his summer outfit and clothed himself all in the new seasons' colours. He looks rather cute!

I have been busy catching up on the new content that I had to put on hold last week because of my raiding schedule and general exhaustion. This week has been more painful than I expected but I did at least get to see some of the new features. I finally finished my noodle cart quest chain and found that the shorter WoW races get a lovely little bonus of a stack of books to stand on in order to operate the cart.
The chef's hat graphic when using the cart is rather oversized on a Dwarf.
At auction, I have been increasing my sales of gems and enchants mostly. These have been flying out of the auction house almost as fast as I can make and list them, even having raised my profit percentage. Primal Diamonds, in particular, seem in heavy demand, both cut and uncut. I have had a small success with new PvP items, but I didn't really expect those to sell very well with the huge influx of epic armour from the Timeless Isle. I am still selling plenty of cogwheels as well as some of the rare jewelcrafting jewellery such as Roguestone Shadowband. This does surprise me as I'd thought both of those markets would dry up with all the new epics. The new glyph recipes that I have managed to acquire (what a painful drop rate!) are also selling for nice prices. On the whole, I have seen a vast increase in sales this week now that the raid finder version of the new raid is open. How does this translate into numbers?

Show Me the Money!


I'm not going to include a screenshot of the money this week as I already have several pictures in this post. That's an increase of 318k from last week's total and about 90k more profit than last week.  If this keeps up I'll be back to my old 2 million record in no time!

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  1. Nice work on the AH there Wenchy :). My profit this week was pretty meagre. I did have a lot of sales today though. Noticed the gems flying out the AH as I was finally getting the Meta Gem recipes on the DK.