Tuesday, 17 September 2013

In the Wake of the Patch

Well, the patch has been here a week now and my auction sales have been good. I am still convinced that the main bulk of profit will not be in this first week but instead in the later weeks as more of the raids are opened and other traders start to run low on stock. The prices for most materials on my server have raised by a rather large margin. Sha Crystals have dropped, although how temporary that drop will be may well be determined by how many people want to farm chests on the new island. PvE armour items are still selling well, at least the item level 522 ones are. They still are a larger upgrade than most of the epic items on the new island so I expect this trend to continue as people gear up to enter instances.

I have a rather large stockpile of Sha Crystals currently, so I plan on not buying any until I can see which way the market is likely to settle, or if I run out. My gems, enchants, cogwheels etc are all selling very well, but I am not aggressively posting auctions at this time. I am listing them for sale only a few times each day, but not worrying too much about being undercut. That being said, I still seem to be making a lot of sales. I'm looking forward to seeing how much the profit on these items increases as the demand starts to exceed supply in a week or two!

Show Me the Money!
The 100k stored on second account not included


That's an increase from last week of 228k. definitely not going to complain about that, but hope to see it going up!

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