Friday, 13 September 2013

Siege of Orgrimmar

I have to say, this patch included one of the cutest patch notes ever:

"With the lakes and rivers in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms drained of water, the Cloud Serpents carried little buckets of Jewel Danio and relocated them to the Timeless Isle so they can thrive once more."

I can almost picture that in my head.

First chaotic impressions were just lots of pain to be honest. Too much info, too many people plus juggling a raid as well left most of patch day a blur to me. Aside from the usual auction house PvP, I have been indulging my slightly larger pet collecting weakness!

Little Tommy Newcomer, the new pet battle daily may cause some people a little bit of a headache, but r9sid9nt9vil over at Warcraft Pet Foundry has a lovely team for this. I gave it a try myself and it hasn't lost yet. Much better than the team I barely managed to win with the first time. I feel that the breed of L'il Bad Wolf  is an essential factor here so it's worth shopping about if you have a different breed. If you aren't familiar with time-delayed bomb teams it is even explained in clear detail for you to follow.

The next stop was a look at the Celestial Tournament. I went in with 551 pets, of which 120 or so are max level. I felt prepared for anything. 10 minutes later I realised that I was not prepared. I can pretty much guarantee you will go in and then think of endless other pet skills that would be better but are on pets you haven't levelled yet, no matter how varied your collection is. And even if (unlike me) you do remember to heal your pets before going in, you are bound to feel the need to rush off and level new ones. Its not that finding a team to beat the random teams of the week is so difficult, but more that as you cannot heal any pet during the tournament, you will want to save more powerful pets for later battles. If you have health issues with tiredness or concentration problems then plan very carefully when to start this challenge. It does take quite a while to do all the challenges for the week and you can't leave without having to restart the challenge from the beginning. There's no penalty for trying again, but it can be quite tiring to do this several times in a row.
I think I shall name him...Erik!

Returning a day later with a few more pets at level 25 and a little more information about the opponents I would be fighting I finally won the tournament for the week, and earned myself enough celectial coins for a lovely new pet. I can highly recommend the advice and previews of the fights that Liopleuradon gives on her blog.

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  1. I want the tiger celestial pet :D. Need to level more though so I can actually enter.