Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Alt Appreciation: Week 3, Hunter

This week turned out to be a terrible one for getting time to play on alts at all. Some recent tests at the hospital not related to M.E. came back with bad results, and my server's instance lockouts were all wiped by Blizzard in an attempt to correct s problem with the server. For me, this was a terrible blow as we had been extending our team's lockout on Garrosh heroic in the hopes of getting him down before the 6.0 patch. My health doesn't allow me to have vast amounts of time for things that require concentration such as raiding so having to go through bosses we haven't worked on in a week or two proved slow work.

Even my sea turtle likes to pose for pictures!

My hunter is named Ellywick, for no specific reason other than I liked the name. At the start of the week, she was at level 87 and I managed to push her to level 89 after a trek through Kun-Lai Summit. She is also a gatherer which is unusual for me (mostly as I don't often have a chance to send characters out just to collect resources), with skinning and herbalism professions.

Something about the Hunter class has always appealed to me. I find myself chatting away to my pet in my head and it almost feels like I am never quite alone in the game. I find hunters are rather easy to play to a level of at least average competence and require little thought to rush about in the world on their own. The pet adds a large margin of survivability that isn't present in some other classes.  That being said, I do feel that it takes at least as much work as other classes to play very well, especially in a group. Because of this, I feel it has had a lot of bad press over the years when people learn enough to solo and quest and then try to take that level of understanding straight into an instance. Personally, I play mine almost exclusively solo as that is the way I get the most fun out of the class.

Ellywick has a bit of a thing about turtles. She has several turtle mounts to choose from (the sea turtle is my favourite but as it is so slow I don't get to use it often), as well as a turtle hunter pet named Kevlar. She has several little turtle companion pets (all called Erik, I know you aren't surprised by now) and her transmogrified set is designed to look like small turtle shells on her shoulders and green scale elsewhere. I do have a bit of a soft spot for this outfit actually!

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